What RJK HPEV means?

Three letters RJK – it is initials of an author of RJK vehicles. R – Ricardas (first name), J – Juozėnas (last name), K – Kvecavičius (last name of noble family).

Four letters HPEV – it is a capital letters of Human Powered Electric Vehicle.


Vehicle main colors YELLOW and BLACK.

Body is painted in yellow; doors and graphic details are in black.

Yellow – warm, attractive, spiritual.

Black – solid, elegant, mysterious.

RJK_noble_old_logo_brandRJK company brand



The first velomobile was launched in the manufacture in the end of the XX century in Lithuania, but when the political situation has changed, it was taken out to Germany where it was kept most of the time till the beginning of the XXI century. Then it was transported to Portugal, where the exterior and chassis were upgraded, also the electric motor was built. It became more durable, hybrid and a faster vehicle. Attracted much attention from local media and government representatives. Later it was transported to Spain. After a while in 2012 RJK HPEV has brought back to Lithuania. At this time here, in Lithuania, we are preparing a producing line of Human Powered Electric Vehicles.


RJK HPEV purpose is to remind people how important it is to love not only yourself but also the environment in which they live. We would like to note that the world’s biggest problems are immoderate air pollution, obesity, smoking and alcohol consumption. Our interest is not to take you under all circumstances to stick to our product; we want to point out that this is probably one of the best way to solve these problems.

Be healthy and enjoy life with RJK HPEV.


RJK crew


Ricardas Juozėnas. The author of RJK HPEV.


Saulius Juozėnas. The RJK HPEV project manager.


Justas Riabovas. RJK HPEV Electronics engineer.


Funds recieved

Our goal - 50,000.00 €
Upadated: 2017-08-05