We started developing this project two years and invested a lot of our own funds to create a prototype which would meet all the road regulations. We want the largest possible number of people to see, acquire and enjoy our product. It would be our small part in creating a cleaner environment.

We have a few technical changes and improvements in mind. Of course, for all of this financial resources are necessary. Currently our own resources are limited and we need your help to continue developing this project.


Aluminum alloy chassis and other parts


New glass fiber body

How we will use the funds

We are planning to start from RJK assembly base and to assign the production to our partners. The volumes of production would be small at first and this option would be more suitable financially because we would need a very large investment if we wanted to do the entire production and assembly ourselves;

we will set up a company, rent premises, acquire tools, order parts and prepare car oner’s manual;

we will also use the funds to finish the body mould and to produce additional moulds for some parts;

as well as for participation in international Motor shows in Frankfurt and Barcelona;

we want to create a promotional video and an internet website;

and to install a smart phone interface in the vehicle. Smart phone will be used as the vehicle’s dashboard. Investments are necessary for developing the app and creating the interface for smart phones. This innovation will allow us to to reduce the weight of RJK by leaving out music players, standard speed and other indicators and similar devices.

The additional funds will allow us to be more flexible in further development of the project; to introduce new technical improvements and allocate more resources to public relations.



50,000.00 €


This car is created for people who enjoy sports, who like one-of-the-kind items or simply love innovation. What stands out in this vehicle is its design, the steering system, position of the seats, unusual combined propulsion energy and possibility to fully dismantle the door or to remove the entire body altogether, which takes only a few minutes.

The vehicle is a two-seater with a trunk in the back which can be transformed into a sitting space for one adult or two children – so RJK can be a great family car. Once even five people were riding this vehicle at the same time!

The chassis is made from a very strong aluminium construction, it is fitted with a bike gear system, hydraulic disc brakes, full amortisation and non-standard rear wheels steering system.

Engines are mounted on the front wheels. Batteries are also fitted in the front of the vehicle.

The body of the car is made of glass fiber. All the necessary vehicle components: lamps, mirrors, windscreen wiper and safety belts are assembled. Sliding doors are installed. The body of the vehicle is insulated and watertight.

Funds recieved

Our goal - 50,000.00 €
Upadated: 2017-08-05